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Steering Public Administration Careers in an Ever-Changing Civic Sector

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Many people enter the civic sector with a desire to make a difference and address important issues in their communities. Learn how to prepare for public administration careers in a dynamic civic sector.

Transferring Skills in an Unexpected Path

Students can use their backgrounds to navigate different roles and carve out a niche for themselves. Financial literacy, critical thinking, and effective writing skills can all be applied to civic sector jobs. Leadership is not the only stronghold that can influence change: a single organization cannot flow seamlessly without the services of an office assistant, for example.

Value Every Opportunity

Every opportunity in the civic sector has value regardless of where it falls in the chain. Paying attention to the value every member provides to the greater good helps people appreciate every opportunity that comes their way. Earning a Master of Public Administration (MPA) can prepare students for diverse and fulfilling roles, including those in public service leadership.

Networking and Positioning

Developing a diverse network can teach students how different groups think and understand societal needs while helping further their careers. Networking can take job seekers into exciting and fun directions for career growth beyond just applying for a new position.

Observing resident communities is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to capitalize on career changes. Cultivate partnerships to gain trust, then support local communities by finding new and sustainable ways to provide much-needed resources for residents. The idea is to put the community first and prioritize its needs. Learning the history of new locations can also provide insights on how to navigate varying civic issues.

Tulane School of Professional Advancement a completely online MPA and other online programs that can prepare you for a rewarding career in the civic sector. We also offer specialized graduate certificates to support students in cultivating robust skillsets. Start your application today to begin your career journey in public administration.

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