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A List of In-Demand Digital Design Careers

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Experience synergy between art and technology by following your passion as a digital design professional. In the world of graphic art, there are many new and expanding career paths available to aspiring designers across industries. Find your niche with the Tulane School of Professional Advancement's award-winning digital design program.

Email Graphic Designer

Many employers prefer to work with design specialists across their marketing channels, including email. Email designers help create compelling, eye-catching graphics to help their company or client receive higher levels of engagement and click-through rates. A designer specially designated with email marketing projects will often research emerging technology related to email marketing, build email templates, and develop and apply brand identity assets, color typography, photography, and other design components to create innovative visual solutions that meet business and user needs. Tulane SoPA students can earn a Professional Certificate in Digital Media and Marketing Communications entirely online to help their resumes and portfolios stand out to digital marketing hiring managers.

User Experience (UX) Designer

The Interactive UX/UI Design track offered by Tulane SoPA can help students prepare for what to expect from a UX/UI designer role. In this position, the graphic designer is responsible for ensuring the creation and implementation of customized experiences for a company's online users, as well as focusing on all aspects of a product or website's development, including design, function, usability, branding, and marketing. UX designers aren't just creating graphics in the Adobe Suite; they're directly involved in the ideation and scoping process for new product and website launches.

Digital Ads Designer

For those who prefer a career that's almost always fast-paced, digital ads on websites like Facebook and Google also require creative assets that someone with some design experience must develop. To excel in this role, the designer must demonstrate mastery of design fundamentals, layout, typography, animation, and information hierarchy. In addition, many hiring managers may also require knowledge of multiple social platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Snapchat.

Web Graphics Designer

A web content designer works in a traditional graphic design role, whether internally or in an agency setting. You can set yourself apart from other candidates applying for graphic design positions by growing your programming knowledge in HTML or CSS. Some employers may hire graphics designers and web content specialists separately, but it's always a bonus if the designer can master both design and programming.

Interactive Designer

Interactive design is different from UX design in that interactive designers' work is solely focused on the moment that a user interacts with a product, and their goal is to enhance that interactive experience. On the job, an interactive designer helps determine customer goals with a digital product team and defines the product interactions necessary to achieve them. As you can imagine, an interactive design essentially choreographs the interaction and exists within a subset of UX/UI.

Increase your design potential with Tulane School of Professional Advancement. Our Digital Design program has three different tracks to help you develop the technical skills needed to start your digital design career. Request more information about the program and admissions process today to learn more.

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