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How to Launch Your Freelancing Career in 3 Steps

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Launching your career doesn't necessarily mean a five-day workweek. Freelancing on the side—or full-time—is a great way to create a consistent revenue stream if you do your homework. Passionate creatives and aspiring entrepreneurs can leverage freelance work to achieve financial freedom or even a rewarding, lucrative career. Learn what it takes to get your first freelance business up and running and how Tulane School of Professional Advancement can help you learn how to use your degree to freelance.

Start With a Business Plan

You don't have to rely on a third-party freelance website to connect you to new clientele. Starting your own freelance business can give you the flexibility to earn money on your own terms without paying a fee to a middleman. You can start by finding a profitable niche, like a specific industry, target audience, or scope of work. Earning a relevant four-year degree is especially helpful for getting started; enrolling in accounting or business courses can also help strengthen your knowledge of business fundamentals, bookkeeping, and basic accounting responsibilities.

Identify a Pricing Model That Works for You

Before you begin marketing your freelance business, it's best practice to strictly define the work you're willing to do and how you'd like to get paid. The beauty of starting a freelance business means you're the architect of the process. You can ultimately decide if you'd prefer charging by the hour or commissioning your work, as well as the cadence of invoice distribution to your clients.

Determine Your Promotional Strategy

There's an abundance of effective strategies you can use to attract clientele. Publishing a digital portfolio is a great way to showcase previous work and demonstrate authority and credibility with your prospects: this way, potential clients can preview projects you've completed for others, and you won't be stuck with time-consuming cold outreach. You'll end up with many more qualified leads if you allow them to check out your online portfolio or read testimonials from previous clients.

Start Investing in Your Freelance Career Today at Tulane SoPA

Tulane School of Professional Advancement is committed to elevating your potential as a business owner. We offer a wide variety of accredited bachelor's degree programs spanning business, marketing, design, information technology, and so much more to help adults connect with their passions and transform them into lucrative careers. Start your application online now to take the first step toward your new business venture.

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