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How to Help Make Your Law School Application Stand Out

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The quality of the law school applicant pool is increasing according to a recent Kaplan Test Prep Survey. This means admissions are more competitive and the chance of admission is lower. Most admission criteria are based on your undergraduate GPA and your LSAT score, though that's not the only thing you'll send in when applying. Learn more about other elements you can enhance in your application to stand out in the applicant pool.

Personal Statement

Your personal statement should tell your story. Highlight adversities that challenged you to push yourself and take risks. Don't be afraid to dive deep; schools want to see personal growth. Consider writing about obstacles that you've had to pursue in more recent years. For example, if you paid your way through college, talk about maintaining a work/school balance and how that may have affected your academics.

Extracurricular and Public Service Involvement

Law programs are looking for energetic and motivated students to improve the world around them. Highlight long-term commitments, leadership positions, volunteer work, and awards you won during your undergraduate career. If you worked on a major project off-campus or served in the military, mention the work you did, the end results, and the lessons learned throughout your duration. If you've taken general legal studies courses or earned a law certificate, mention how this shaped your desire to pursue a law degree.

Strong Recommendation Letters

Choose people who know you and can vouch for your character. Ask a trusted professor, employer, or mentor whom you have worked with personally. While asking a political figure or "celebrity" professor may seem like a good idea, often times their letters lack a personal touch and can be quickly looked over by admissions staff. Don't be afraid to offer your writers a resume or guide to ensure they're highlighting all your achievements.

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