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A Guide to Managing the Transfer Process as a College Student

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Maybe you've decided on a new career goal or your current university is no longer a good fit. Perhaps you started your education at a community college with the intention of transferring to a four-year school. Whatever your situation, transferring universities can seem like a daunting task. With the right preparation, however, it can be a smart step for your academic and professional success. Get started with this guide to managing the transfer process as a college student.

Decide to Make the Move

Talk to your advisor, your family, and other trusted confidants if you're not sure whether you're making the right choice for your future. A career counselor can also provide insight into your decision to transfer.

Gather Application Materials

Like when you applied as a first-year student, you'll have to provide proof of your academic success to the admissions committee. You'll need your college transcripts, letters of recommendation from advisors and professors, official application forms, essays, and other documentation depending on the requirements of your new program.

Determine Which Credits Transfer

When you select a new program, talk to an academic advisor to make sure you can transfer as many credits as possible. Look at the core curriculum to see which classes you've already taken that will serve as equivalents.

You may have to show a certain grade point average in completed classes to qualify for transfer credits, and many schools limit the number of transfer credits accepted. For example, Tulane School of Professional Advancement requires students to show a syllabus and/or detailed course description and to have at least a C in the possible transfer class, and students can transfer up to 60 undergraduate credits.

Many transfer students find a welcoming new home at the Tulane School of Professional Advancement. We accept transfer credits from accredited higher education institutions, so you can seamlessly work toward a new bachelor's degree or master's degree program without starting from scratch. Our counselors are ready to help you navigate the transfer admissions process. Begin your online application today.

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