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Earning Teacher Certifications vs. Teaching Endorsements

Learn about teaching certificates vs endorsements

If you plan on working in K-12 education, most states will require you to obtain a teaching license or certification. The procedures for obtaining licensure and add-on endorsements will vary from state to state. However, investing in your professional development as an educator will pay off with new career opportunities and increased earning potential.

The Differences Between Teaching Certifications and Endorsements

A teaching certification grants licensure for an individual to teach, often for specific subject areas and grade levels. Though some states ask aspiring teachers to earn an undergraduate degree in education, there are several alternate routes to becoming an educator. Here are some other ways to break into a career in education:

Earning a teaching endorsement is typically a less intensive process and displays an educator's qualifications to teach additional subjects or work with diverse student populations. Some common teaching endorsements include:

  • English as a Second Language
  • Special Education
  • Subject areas that are not included in your current teaching certificate

Should You Pursue an Add-On Teaching Endorsement?

If you’re interested in working with different student populations or teaching a new subject area, you should consider earning an endorsement. This also applies to educators who would like to move out of the classroom to a position that involves writing curricula or mentoring other teachers. Even if you’re happy with your current role, an endorsement shows your commitment to developing as an educator and can prepare you for new opportunities.

Follow your passion for teaching by earning an add-on endorsement at the Tulane School of Professional Advancement. Our program includes add-on endorsements for Teaching English Learners (TEL) and Mild-to-Moderate K-12 Special Education. Each of these endorsements can be applied to the licenses of current teachers in Louisiana. Teachers without a license may take the courses and be granted the endorsement from our accredited program, but they will not be eligible for the special education or TEL license from the state. Request more information today for more details about our programs.

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