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Can You Become a Teacher Without an Education Degree?

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Ready for a job where no two days are the same, you'll learn every day, and you'll make a difference in your community? Reimagine possibilities for the future by becoming a teacher. Even if you're considering becoming a teacher after you've already received a bachelor's degree, alternative routes are available for those interested in pursuing a career in education. Learn how you can become a teacher without an undergraduate education degree.

The Traditional Path to Becoming a Teacher

Although the requirements differ from state to state, many teachers that opt for the traditional route complete their education degree and licensure simultaneously. To make sure you're prepared to teach in a particular state, check to see if the program you're interested in is accredited. If you're interested in teaching in Louisiana, review the four requirements for teaching in this state.

Alternative Paths to Certification

Don't worry if there are financial or time constraints that may hinder your ability to further your education and become a teacher. With alternative certifications, you can pursue other routes to become a classroom instructor and even receive government aid to fund your education. When you choose different paths to become a certified teacher, you must adhere to the testing requirements pertaining to the state you plan to teach in. With certification, you'll be able to demonstrate competency in the subject matter you wish to teach as well as modern teaching practices and principles to help you support diverse groups of learners.

Your Career Options in Education

Even without a degree in education, you can still make an impact on students' lives in the classroom as an education consultant, reading specialist, or after school program counselor. Be a catalyst for change in our nation's schools by becoming an innovative and compassionate leader in the classroom.

No matter your educational background or work and life commitments, Tulane School of Professional Advancement is prepared to help you meet your career goals. We offer a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Early Childhood or Secondary Education Certification, which gives you the option to choose between teaching Pre-K to third grade or sixth to 12th grade with a subject concentration. Request more information today to learn how our education program can prepare you with relevant coursework and hands-on experience in the classroom.

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