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The Benefits of Having Strong Communication Skills as a Tech Professional

Working in tech often requires collaborating, writing, and presenting, making it important to have strong communication skills as a tech professional.

In tech-related careers, being able to communicate effectively and other "soft skills" are often perceived as less important than so-called "hard skills." However, the truth is that communication skills play an important part in many of a tech professional's daily responsibilities, including collaborating with peers, writing, and giving presentations. Here's why it's important to have strong communication skills as a tech professional.

Effective Collaboration and Training

Working in tech often involves solving complex problems, a task which would sometimes be impossible without the benefits of collaboration. Having strong interpersonal communication skills makes it much easier for coworkers and teammates to work together to generate ideas, solve problems, and learn from one another. Additionally, being able to transfer knowledge in easily understood ways is invaluable when training others.

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Clear, Concise Writing

Sometimes undervalued as a skill, being able to write well is important in college and often essential in the working world. From composing the usual emails and memos to crafting longer, more complex projects, writing clearly and concisely is a daily exercise for professionals in virtually every field. In tech-related jobs specifically, being able to write well is useful when creating user guides for programs, putting together tickets for quality assurance assistance, and laying the groundwork for important projects.

Memorable Presentations

Solid communication skills are also useful for giving presentations when it's critical to make information clear and engaging for an audience of peers or potential clients. Tech professionals may be tasked with explaining to a group how a new system or program works, or with presenting a proposal for a new idea or project. Being able to highlight the most important details and deliver them in an interesting way will ensure a memorable presentation, and probably a successful proposal or pitch.

The communication skills you develop in college will prove to be a recurring asset in your career. Tulane School of Professional Advancement offers a robust Information Technology program with flexible degree and certificate options, as well as minors in subjects such as Marketing and Advertising. Learn more about our programs by requesting information today.

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