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Save Time With Tulane SoPA 4+1 Masters Programs

Tulane SoPA 4+1 Master’s degree programs provide undergraduates with an opportunity to get a head start on graduate education and earn a master’s degree in a single year following the completion of their bachelor’s degree. The program allows current SoPA students to apply six graduate credits (two 6000- or 7000-level courses) completed during their senior year toward both their undergraduate and their master’s degrees.

Students who have earned 75 credits towards the bachelor’s degree, including 15 credits in the major, must get Program Director approval and may apply to the SoPA 4+1 master’s program. Undergraduate students in the General Legal Studies Program who have earned at least 75 credits, including all 36 credits in the GLS major. To be admitted into the graduate program, applicants must have a minimum cumulative GPA of at least 3.0 and meet other requirements for admission to the master’s program, with the exception of the completion of the bachelor’s degree.  Upon admission to the 4+1 program the student may take two, pre-approved, graduate courses charged at the undergraduate rate. Students must complete the bachelor’s degree to matriculate in the master’s program.  After the first two courses, all courses taken toward the graduate degree, within two years of the student’s admission to the program, are billed at SoPA’s graduate tuition rate, with a 20% discount. After two years, students pay full graduate tuition.

The 4+1 program is available to students in the following undergraduate majors:

  • General Legal Studies
  • Homeland Security Studies
  • Information Technology
  • Health & Wellness

Students admitted to a 4+1 program may select two courses from the following graduate courses to count toward both the bachelor’s and master’s degree:

General Legal Studies undergraduates entering the Master of Public Administration (MPA) Program:*

  • MPAD 6000 Public Policy Foundations
  • MPAD 6100 Technology and Civic Sector Leadership
  • MPAD 6110 Data-Informed Leadership, Management, and Decision-Making
  • MPAD 6120 Public Organizational Leadership, Cross-Sector Partnerships, and Shareholder Engagement
  • MPAD 6130 Budgeting and Financial Management
  • MPAD 6140 Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Public Service

* Available to undergraduate students in the General Legal Studies Program who have earned at least 75 credits, including all 36 credits in the GLS major.

Homeland Security undergraduates entering Homeland Security Studies, Emergency Management, or Security Management MPS programs:

  • HMLS 6500 Intelligence Analysis/Critical Thinking
  • HMLS 6600 Homeland Security and Approaches to Counter-Terrorism
  • HMLS 7300 Maritime and Border Security

Information Technology undergraduates entering Information Technology or Cybersecurity Management MS programs:

  • CPST 7200 Enterprise Architecture – Software
  • CSMT 7050 Leadership for Cybersecurity Professionals
  • CPST 7900 Security & Cyber Threats for IT Managers
  • CPST 7800 Cyber Law and Policy

Health & Wellness undergraduates Health & Wellness Management MS program:

  • KINE 6250 Leadership in Health and Wellness Professions
  • KINE 6450 Legal/Ethical Principles in Wellness Management
  • KINE 6650 Research Methods for Health and Wellness Programs

Program director approval is required to register for graduate courses as an undergraduate student, and will also be required for graduate courses not on the above approved lists to serve as dual credit.

Students must have completed a minimum of 30 credits toward their master’s degree by the end of the fifth (graduate) year.