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Summer Intern Spotlight: Emma Schneider, Digital Design

July 23, 2021 1:45 PM
SoPA News Staff
Summer Intern Spotlight: Emma Schneider, Digital Design
Tulane School of Professional Advancement student Emma Schneider is double majoring in Graphic Design and Communications. (Photo provided)


Emma Schneider created her own path at the Tulane School of Professional Advancement by taking all of the courses that were most interesting to her. At Tulane, she is double majoring in Graphic Design and Communications and will receive a dual degree in Communications and Digital Design.

As she enters her senior year at Tulane, with only two remaining courses to complete for her design degree, she has taken on an internship with a digital presentation and collaboration software company. Let’s see how it’s going! 

[Learn more about Tulane SoPA's Media + Design program]

Is it true that you’re working more than one internship?
Sort of. This summer, I am interning for a software company called MURAL. But I am also working for The Split Second Foundation and The RJ Leonard Foundation

Tell us about the work you are doing this summer.
This summer I am working for MURAL as a student ambassador with a focus on design. This position will also carry into the fall and I’ll have the opportunity to share this awesome platform with other students on campus. MURAL is currently geared towards professionals, and they are looking to expand the platform to make it more accessible to and useful for students. As an ambassador, I get to help advise on what students might want, design custom templates to be published on the site, and build connections to bring the software to those who I think could benefit from it. In addition to working for MURAL, I am also working part time as a graphic designer and marketing strategist for The Split Second Foundation, an organization that helps people who have suffered life-altering injuries. Lastly, I am interning in my free time doing marketing and design for The RJ Leonard Foundation, an organization based in PA that assists kids aging out of the foster care system to get necessary resources and pursue a higher education.

Wow, you are busy! How do you manage a schedule like this?
I am extremely lucky in that all three of my current positions are remote. While I do wish I had the opportunity to interact with my coworkers in an in-person professional setting, this allows for flexibility in my schedule and the freedom to work when I feel most motivated — aside from the occasional set Zoom meetings.

What do you hope you’ll learn from your summer positions?
I’ve learned that design really has the potential to make a difference. It may sound cheesy, but for example, when it comes to non-profits, good design can be the thing that grabs the attention of someone who will donate and change a recipient's life forever. 

What do you love most about being a SoPA student?
The thing I love most about being a SoPA student is how genuinely invested in my success my professors and classmates are. As someone with both a regular NTC major and a SoPA major, I have found that the smaller classes at SoPA have allowed me to build connections with the coolest and most creative people who are always willing to help. Whether it's sharing a cool website, teaching me a new tool in Adobe Illustrator, or even driving me home from an event, my professors and new friends have consistently gone above and beyond, and that never goes unnoticed. They have made themselves accessible and approachable in numerous ways, especially my program advisor, who I am extremely lucky to get to work with. She has made me feel welcome from the first day I stepped into her office as a high school senior, and now as an incoming college senior, I couldn’t imagine having chosen any other program at any other school.

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