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Career Opportunities in Public Administration

A Master of Public Administration (MPA) degree from Tulane SoPA can help you prepare to become a leader in the public sector. Turn your passion for empowering your community into a career by exploring some of the opportunities in public administration.

Public Administration Careers 

Because public administration has such a far-reaching impact on our society, there are a range of potential job roles. People who work in the public sector can pursue careers in many fields, including the following:

  • Political Science
  • Education Leadership
  • Economic Development
  • Non-Profit Leadership
  • Philanthropy
  • Public Relations
  • Public Safety
  • Public Financial Management
  • Data Analysis

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 7 out of 10 people who work in public administration do so in local government. However, there are opportunities with other organizations, including the federal government, educational institutions, the private sector, and nonprofits and philanthropic groups.

The Benefits of Working in Local Government 

Along with influencing change in the community, a career in local government has a range of potential advantages. According to a survey by the National Institute on Retirement Security, millennials who work in the public sector have high levels of job satisfaction, with 85% saying that they plan on remaining in the industry until they retire. Also, 93% said that their benefits and pensions were highly competitive.

The MPA Curriculum at Tulane SoPA

The Tulane School of Professional Advancement's Master of Public Administration covers foundational concepts across different disciplines, including education, data analytics, budgeting and finance, resource development, and public relations. We offer graduate certificates that can be completed independently or applied towards the MPA. All courses emphasize hands-on learning and building a professional network to help you prepare for a career in the public sector. Our program is offered entirely online to accommodate the busy schedules of both full- and part-time students.

Apply to Our MPA Program

If you’re ready to equip yourself with the practical experience and technical skills needed to help communities thrive, consider earning a Master of Public Administration from Tulane SoPA. By completing our program, you will learn from leaders in the public sector at a nationally-ranked university. Take the first step toward achieving your professional goals by applying to SoPA today.