Giselle Galper

Giselle Galper

School of Professional Advancement

Founder, chea seed


Giselle Galper aims to make expert career help accessible: quick, easy, and low-cost. As the daughter of an Argentine immigrant, who went to college while Giselle was growing up, Giselle saw firsthand how difficult it could be for a Latina woman to advance in her career.

Giselle started looking for a career app to solve the problem. Unable to find one, Giselle embarked on the journey of learning how to build a career app to do just this.

Now she is the founder of chea seed, a career tracker that helps users maximize their careers with small 1 to 2-minute personalized actions.  The name chea seed is a play on the acronym for Career Helping Expert App, CHEA, and the food chia seed which is empowering and energizing in small doses.

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