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Why You Should Consider a Special Education Certification

A parent holding a child on their lap while using the computer

Teaching can be a highly rewarding profession for people who want to support and work with students. The job has a significant impact on a child's educational experience, and it requires skill, patience, and determination. Working as a special education teacher has the same benefits as other teaching positions, but it can also help instructors recognize their passion for helping children in the classroom. There are professional and personal benefits for pursuing a special education certification, and each one demonstrates how this role is a worthy investment of your time and money.

Helping Students in Need

Teachers make a difference every day, and special education professionals are no different. Students with special needs benefit from having qualified, passionate professionals who care about their growth and success in the classroom and other areas of life. With a special education certification, you'll develop the knowledge needed to better serve your students, and you can also foster a learning environment that will help facilitate breakthroughs for children who may not have previously had access to educators with the same level of expertise.

Boosting Your Resume

From a career perspective, a special education certification can help your resume stand out to potential employers. Specialized training and certifications will expand your profile to fit a broader range of positions and offer you the opportunity for career flexibility if you choose to transition to a new role. If you end up in a position that doesn't specifically involve special education, you'll still be able to help students with disabilities in your classroom with your specialized training.

An Ongoing Demand for Special Education Teachers

If you're worried about whether the cost of returning to school makes it worth the investment, the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) predicts an average yearly growth of 6% for special education teachers. Approximately 20% of students in the U.S. receive special education services, which reflects a widespread need for support.

Meet the needs of diverse learners by obtaining a special education certification from the Tulane School of Professional Advancement. Our special education pathway includes a series of special education courses designed to help teachers meet students' needs while empowering educators to develop their skillsets and expand their career options. Learn more by reviewing our special education pathway course and certificate requirements and starting your application today.

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