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Tips for Student Veterans Transitioning to College Life

Serving in the military, you’ve shown courage while tackling each of the unique challenges and obstacles thrown your way. But once you leave the service, you face a new set of challenges as you plan for the next chapter of your life. Many former service members enroll in college to prepare for a new career. The college environment is likely very different from what you faced in the military, but these tips for veterans going to college will help ensure a smooth transition from military to college life.

Explore Your Options

Thanks to the G.I. Bill created in the wake of 9/11, more military veterans than ever are eligible for extensive benefits, including college tuition assistance. First, you’ll need to determine which benefits you qualify for, and then you can choose a school that matches those benefits and appeals to your needs and interests. At the Tulane School of Professional Advancement, for example, eligible students may access benefits under the Montgomery GI Bill, Post 9/11 GI Bill, or the Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment Programs.

Know Your Support System

With so many service members attending college, universities offer more support than ever to this unique group of students. Today, you’ll find student-run groups for veterans, on-campus support groups, and even mental health resources in place specifically for student veterans. At Tulane, you’ll find that the Veterans Affairs Office serves as a liaison between veterans and the V.A. to make it as easy as possible for service members to enroll and apply for benefits.

Reconsider Your Approach to Learning

Lecture halls and labs aren’t quite the same environments former service members are used to, and many find that they struggle in this new setting. But you’ve already shown your dedication to discipline, time management, and organization through your time in the military. You can overcome this challenge by reconsidering your approach to learning through resources provided on campus or through the military. The Warrior-Scholar Project (WSP) is a series of workshops offered free of charge through the military to help former service members prepare for their educational experience. Think of it as a boot camp to help you prepare for class by honing your college-level reading and writing skills and preparing you for some of the social and cultural challenges you might encounter on campus. Your school’s Veterans Affairs Office can help you find resources both on- and off-campus to enhance your college experience.

Learn More Today

You already possess the skills you need to transition to college life after the military, but the Tulane School of Professional Advancement offers resources to help you thrive as you prepare for a new career after the military. To learn more about our courses, degree programs, and resources for student veterans, call us at (504) 865-5555 or request information now.

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