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Three Examples of the Influence of Technology on Interior Design

A designer using a drawing tablet and Pantone colors

The effects of technology on major industries like medicine, communication, and transportation have been evident for decades, but its infiltration of niche industries has only just begun. Interior design is no exception, and technology's role in the field is evident in these modern examples.

The Rise of Smart Homes

The turn of the century saw the trend toward gadgets and gizmos sharply increase. From cell phones and caller ID to digital cameras and the internet, homes were becoming equipped with technologically improved basics at a faster rate, and that rate would only increase over the next 20 years. As technology advanced, it began its infiltration into every household object imaginable. Now appliances can be controlled by smartphones that can access real-time video footage from home security cameras from anywhere in the world, and there's no end in sight. As smart homes continue to evolve, interior design has quickly encompassed these new features.

The Introduction of Digital Furniture

Bringing a new definition to the idea of rest and relaxation, digital furniture is the interior design feature of this connected era. For those who are tired of lugging furniture boxes filled with prefab designs home, their dreams have come true. Digital furniture, while still in its infancy, offers homeowners the option to design products and send them digitally to be created according to their specific customizations. The couch, desk, or table is the designer's oyster, and options are limitless.

The Increase in Sustainable Features

As greater concern for the environment makes the green concept a frontrunner in the interior design world, eco-friendly design elements are working their way into more floorplans. New technologies like earth-conscious water heaters, energy-saving appliances, LED lighting, and solar panels present designers with the challenge of seamlessly integrating the practical with the aesthetic, and many are successfully rising to the occasion.

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