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How to Turn Your Passion for Sports Into a Career

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Participating in sports is a great way to burn some extra calories and develop team-building skills—the best part is that the excitement of the game doesn’t have to just be recreational. A career in sports is possible as the industry continues to evolve and provide new opportunities for both athletes and sports enthusiasts. Learn more about how to transform your passion for sports into a lifelong career.

Weigh Your Options

Decide what’s right for you: Do you find the sidelines irresistible? Can’t stop talking about player stats? There’s a wide range of different opportunities available for you to start mapping out a career—you could work on camera, directly with athletes, or even share your love of sports with students of your own. After nailing down your discipline of choice, you can start working to find a program that’s right for you.

Pursue a Degree

Get on the fast track to a new role in the sports industry by formally increasing your knowledge via specialized courses and training tailored toward your love for the game. For example, you can pursue a degree in kinesiology and learn how the body works and moves, or earn your Master of Professional Studies in Sport Studies and obtain valuable industry knowledge that will provide insight on various leagues and franchises, ethical issues in the field, and a variety of practical skills suited for communicating with the other professionals you’ll work with after you graduate. For added flexibility, online programs can accommodate your schedule to provide the convenience you need to venture into a new occupation.

Build Your Network

As you move further along your academic journey, develop connections with industry veterans by networking with faculty members that can offer guidance and a competitive advantage in your new line of work. Whether you decide to obtain a certification or advanced degree, you can stand out among other applicants by utilizing the resources provided by instructors, which can include decades of knowledge gained through experience in the field that can guide you to a highly competitive career.

Do you love sports and are looking for a new career or career change? The Tulane School of Professional Advancement offers unique training and flexible learning options to prepare you for a role that makes you feel like you never left the game. Learn more by applying online today.

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