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How Flexible Is an Accounting Career?

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With an accounting career, busy individuals can manage their households while simultaneously climbing the corporate ladder. Accounting positions usually allow for remote or part-time work, providing a comfortable work-life balance. Here’s how accounting career options can offer flexible hours with the right work experience.

Become a Bookkeeper

Bookkeeping is an ideal option for anyone new to the world of accounting. Larger corporations allow for specialization, while small businesses typically require a bookkeeper to handle the general ledger, billing, and payroll.

Start a Career as an External Auditor

With specific CPA designations and a bachelor’s degree, individuals can choose to work as an external auditor. This position is ideal for anyone with a keen eye for detail. External auditors perform their duties as consultants and help businesses adhere to legal best practices while keeping their financial statements accurate. These consultants can set their hours and schedules, letting them set aside time for personal engagements.

Certified Practicing Accountant (CPA)

As most work is housed digitally, an accountant can opt to perform duties from home or at the office. However, accountants have to deal with varying or inconsistent hours during busy periods, like the end of fiscal years and tax seasons. Businesses of all sizes have accounting and administrative needs, offering CPAs the chance to work for companies large and small.

Work From Anywhere

Unlike some careers in which moving to an industry hub is the best bet for finding work, accountants usually don't need to uproot their lives. The business demand for accounting is universal, from government organizations to farm managers. Therefore, accountants can comfortably pursue their career goals from their hometowns or move to a new city without worrying too deeply about the job market.

Learning key accounting concepts can set anyone up for success in this field. Tulane School of Professional Advancement offers a professional certificate in Accounting Fundamentals that provides a foundation for basic accounting practices. Our applied learning programs incorporate industry-relevant knowledge that prepares our students for the corporate world. Request more information about our online programs today.

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