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Do Graphic Designers Need Typography Experience?

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As graduation dates approach and students prepare for interviews, internships, and other post-graduate plans, many may feel conflicted about which skills are needed to impress potential employers. For graphic design students, it may be challenging to determine which technical skills are most critical to landing that first job. Get to know more about typography in the graphic design profession and how Tulane School of Professional Advancements provides students the skills to succeed in graphic design roles.

What Is Typography?

Examples of typography are all around. From posters to book covers to brand names on packaging, typography helps drive competitive marketing initiatives across industries. The term 'typography' refers specifically to the art of arranging type to ensure legibility and reliability and to make it visually appealing. Graphic designers use typography in everything they do, from website designs to social media graphics and book layouts. Typography is especially important for digital design, such as creating innovative apps, front-end web, and interactive design.

Are Typography Skills Valuable to Employers?

While not every employer will specifically list typography as a required skill in a job description, this is a valuable skill that can make or break your portfolio. With mastery in typography, graphic designers create content with purpose and communicate marketing messages to target audiences more effectively. While some employers may not mention typography in an initial interview, it's still a central part of every form of design, and they may prefer a candidate with more in-depth experience in this space.

Launch Your Graphic Design Career with Tulane SoPA

Tulane School of Professional Advancement is here to help you grow in the ever-changing field of graphic design. Explore various degree options catered to your interests and career goals while receiving support from dedicated career counselors. Our Digital Design department offers three distinct career tracks to help students control what they learn. Learn more by requesting more information about our programs today.

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