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The Benefits of SHRM Membership

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Professional organizations play a crucial role in strengthening their member's careers. The Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), in particular, has helped many HR professionals create secure networks that have propelled their careers to new heights. Here are some of the benefits of SHRM membership.

Numerous Global Network Opportunities

HR professionals can make the most of SHRM, an international networking association. This network grows as more student and professional members join, providing additional excellent sources of information and other resources. Different local chapters host HR events throughout the year, bringing together established hiring managers and HR students who can share their experiences and spur each other to succeed. As a student, you should look out for local meetups and other opportunities to connect with professionals in the industry. If you participate in regional workshops, you might be able to present or take part in panel discussions that attract notable professionals throughout the industry.

Numerous Online Resources

SHRM members can take advantage of the available online tools that offer everything from termination checklists to interview guides. You can also learn about different initiatives for HR professionals, including safety and security, as well as compensation and benefits. With webcasts and other e-learning opportunities, students can further develop and sharpen their skills. Readily available metrics and research can help you keep abreast of recent developments in the industry. SHRM membership also keeps you informed about current legislative policy issues impacting your workforce.

Strengthening Your Resume

SHRM offers members an opportunity to serve the organization in various capacities, including roles as president, secretary, student officer, or volunteer positions. Including such experiences in your resume can increase your chances of landing your dream job. Employers often look for candidates who've advanced in their field and maintained a commitment to support the HR society.

Access to Job Boards

Members get real-time updates on HR openings on SHRM's online job board. The posted positions have a global outlook, providing an opportunity for professionals to practice all over the world.

Earning a professional certificate from Tulane School of Professional Advancement provides the foundation you need to join SHRM. Our staff and faculty are devoted to helping you achieve future success while our programs connect you with professionals in your field. Start your application today to take the next step in your human resources career.

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