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Advantages of Becoming an IT Consultant

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Information technology (IT) consultants are brought in to help businesses and organizations solve technical problems and develop solutions. This dynamic role is exposed to a wide collection of technologies, work environments, and experiences. Learn more about the exciting advantages of this career.

Business Technology Is in Demand

As both large and small businesses become increasingly data- and software-driven, the demand for up-to-date tech resources and strategies continues to increase. Organizations need to understand how to properly leverage the right software to better streamline processes and keep up with competitors. IT consultants can help ease this transition for companies by:

  • Recommending cost-efficient systems
  • Helping mitigate security risks
  • Troubleshooting current hardware and software
  • Developing custom software

As of 2020, Payscale reports that the average salary for IT consultants is $78,912.

The Chance to Broaden Industry Skills

Unlike an in-house IT employee who usually focuses on one or two software systems and programming languages, an IT consultant must keep up with a collection of evolving trends and updates in the industry. To help companies find the best solutions and utilize the right software, IT consultants must be knowledgeable not only of tech trends but also how they can apply these trends to diverse industries and their prospective systems.

An Ever-Evolving Work Environment

Because IT consultant work is project-based, the work environment is constantly changing. They have the opportunity to work with both large-scale and small businesses across many fields, addressing a variety of tech challenges along the way. One contract may involve developing a custom CMS for a small construction firm while the next month the consultant could be assessing the security risk of a healthcare clinic's internal record system. No two projects look alike—exciting new challenges are presented during each job.

Whether you have a strong IT background or you're ready to break into the industry, the Information Technology Program at Tulane School of Professional Advancement offers flexible degrees and advanced certificates for working professionals. Learn more about opportunities with SoPA by requesting more information today.

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