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4 Basic Requirements for Teaching English Abroad

Teacher teaching english abroad to a classroom full of students - Tulane School of Professional Advancement

If you've ever wanted to gain professional experience while living in an exciting new environment, teaching English abroad may be for you. There are teaching opportunities available in dozens of countries worldwide, and landing your first teaching job may be easier than you think. As you begin learning how to teach English abroad, you should remember these four basic requirements.

Degrees or Certifications

Whether you will need specific degrees or certifications to teach English abroad will largely depend on the country you want to work in, as well as if you wish to work for a government-backed teaching program or a private education institution. Some countries and English programs may require a bachelor's degree. In contrast, others may require an endorsement or certification, such as the Tulane School of Professional Advancement's Teaching English Learners add-on endorsement. Because degrees and certifications are among the most important requirements for teaching English abroad, you should begin your research as early as possible and determine what you need to get a job in your desired country and institution.


Unless you plan to stay in your home country and teach English online, you will need to acquire a visa before traveling to and working in a foreign country. Visa requirements vary from place to place; some may take a long time to obtain, and some may require you to pay money, present multiple official documents, and complete complex applications. As you research your desired country's work visa requirements, you should also determine how long visas remain valid in that country, what you need to do to renew a visa, and what your responsibilities and restrictions will be once you arrive.

Financial Preparations

Until you're comfortably established and earning paychecks in your new location, there will likely be a few start-up expenses to prepare for. These may include travel from your home country to your new one, visa application fees, and the cost of setting up a residence abroad. While it's certainly possible to start saving money each month once you begin teaching, you should still plan to ensure that you can afford the cost of living and any additional expenses in your new location.

Additional Documents

In addition to degrees, certifications, and visas, you may need to present a few other documents before you can begin work. Some countries may only require a valid passport, while others may ask for college transcripts, health assessments, and criminal background checks. Your destination country should inform you in advance about the types of documents you will need and the process for submitting them.

Teaching English abroad is an exciting and rewarding way to gain professional experience, engage with different cultures, and see the world from a new perspective. In addition to our Teaching English Learners endorsement, Tulane SoPA offers a variety of bachelor's degrees, master's degrees, and certificate programs, many of which are available online. To learn more about Tulane SoPA, request information today.

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