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Requirements for Undergraduate Admission

SoPA undergraduate students are not required to submit ACT or SAT test scores in order to be admitted, but must hold a high school diploma or general equivalency diploma. Continued enrollment is based on satisfactory academic performance.

Individuals wishing to study at SoPA should complete the online application form.

Required application items:

  1. Valid government issued ID
  2. Non-refundable $40 processing fee. Applications cannot be processed without this fee.
  3. High school transcript or GED diploma

Applicants who have attended college previously must request transcripts from all institutions where they were previously enrolled. Unofficial transcripts may be used for admission purposes. Official transcripts are required before a student may register for classes. Those who have not previously attended college must submit a copy of their high school transcript (or equivalent) with their application.

Individuals desiring to attend SoPA who do not plan to earn a degree (i.e. are “non-matriculating”) do not need to submit transcripts of previous college work. However, proof of high school graduation is still required. Students dismissed from, or on probation at, their last college may be admitted to SoPA on probation, at the discretion of the Academic Performance Committee. Conditions of probation at entry generally include a load limit of seven credits in the first semester. Continued enrollment after entering on probation is generally contingent upon the student earning grades of C or better in all courses taken in the first semester.

Prior SoPA students who have been inactive for one year (three consecutive semesters) will be required to re-apply for admission to SoPA. This includes submitting a new admissions application and application fee. SoPA students who were not enrolled in classes the previous semester must go to the online application to update their contact information and their government-issued ID.