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John Percy Dyer Award

The John Percy Dyer Award is awarded to faculty who have distinguished themselves in the classroom, laboratory, studio and performance theatre. John Percy Dyer was the first dean of University College, now School of Professional Advancement. He was a scholar and teacher who dedicated his life to educating part-time students, providing them with the educational opportunities needed to excel in the modern world.

2021 Award Recipients

Derek Boese, MPS in Homeland Security Studies faculty member at Tulane School of Professional Advancement in New Orleans, LA

Derek Boese (Graduate; EMSS - Online)

"Derek Boese has done an exceptional job teaching Critical Infrastructure Protection. He has emphasized lasting takeaways instead of short-term retention of information. His assessments are both functional and fairly graded. He has introduced guests from his organization and complimented the course with his own experience-based perspective. Above all, Professor Boese has fostered a healthy environment, emphasizing civility, flexibility and understanding between himself, his students, and each other. He is the embodiment of what it means to be a SOPA educator."

Cynthia Traina

Cynthia Traina (Undergraduate; GLSP – Online)

“I am a parent and I work full time, so it was tough going back to school. I hadn't been to school since before Hurricane Katrina. When I came to school there was no online stuff and you still rented movies from Blockbuster. Technology was not my strong suit. One of the things that really sticks out to me about Professor Traina is she took me step-by-step through how to work Canvas, how to upload coursework, stuff that was very daunting to me at first. Her knowledge of bankruptcy law and the general legal field is just unbelievable. When I speak to her in person, besides the course material, she is an inspiration. I couldn't believe how much an individual knew about the topic she was teaching. Her ability to convey her knowledge in the legal field to all of her students, encourage vigorous and open debate in our discussions, it's just astounding. She is truly deserving of this award and she is really an inspiration to anyone wanting to go into the legal field. ”


Past Award Recipients:

2020    Beau Boudreaux
2020    Lauren Dunaway
2019    Nathan Ephraim Peterson
2018    Robert Allen and Ann Snell
2017    Blaine Fisher
2016    Elizabeth Bouldin
2015    Robert Talley
2014    Joseph Aguilar
2013    Dave Davis
2012    Ralph Russo
2011    George North
2010    Gary Wallace
2009    Larry Tortorich
2008    Leanne Howell
2007    Kevin Fontenot
2005    Nicholas Genovese, Jr.
2004    Paul Greenberg
2003    R. John Wakeman
2002    Richard Scheidt
2001    Charles Richard
2000    G. Geoffrey Lutz
1999    Dierdre Finnegan
1998    Matthew Wellman
1997    Louis Campomenosi