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Summer Intern Spotlight: Kasandra Schemel, Emergency and Security Studies

July 28, 2021 1:00 PM
SoPA News Staff
Kasandra Schemel
Kasandra Schemel is a Tulane School of Professional Advancement graduate student in the Emergency and Security Studies program. (Photo provided)


Kasandra Schemel is a graduate student in the Emergency and Security Studies program at the Tulane School of Professional Advancement.

She has completed her first year of studies in pursuit of an MPS in Homeland Security Studies, and is ready to gain some real-world experience through a summer internship. Let’s see how it’s going!

Where are you interning this summer?
I’m working this summer at FEMA, Region 3 in Philadelphia.

What are your summer tasks at FEMA?
This summer, I am working on the recovery team in Philadelphia. I am assisting the team with creating community disaster planning profiles for each state in the region, helping write and edit a monthly newsletter, helping with a conference/course that will be held in Maryland, and assisting with monthly meetings of groups from the larger community.

What will be the greatest strength you’ll take away from your summer position?
This internship is going to give me a glance at the policy side of emergency management. Up until now, I have volunteered with the Red Cross and responded to disasters. But now, I have the opportunity to look at the recovery aspect and be involved in planning in advance. It will help me decide if I feel more comfortable working on policy related to disasters or responding to disasters.

What do you love most about being a SoPA student?
Even as an online student, I feel like a part of a community at SoPA. The professors always make themselves available and I feel camaraderie with my peers.

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