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SoPA faculty member drives dialogue on diversity in recent publication

February 01, 2024 2:15 PM
Andrea Sagnard
Race, Representation, and Satire
Tamar Gregorian, PhD, APR, contributed to the recently published book, "Race, Representation, and Satire," which fosters conversations about representation in the media landscape.


Tamar Gregorian, PhD, APR, associate director of the Media + Design program at the Tulane School of Professional Advancement (Tulane SoPA), penned a chapter in a recently published text, Race, Representation, and Satire, that will be used to explore the role of humor in modern media in unraveling the complexities of race and racism. 

Gregorian’s chapter, titled “The Case of Kim’s Convenience — Cause for Celebration or Cautionary Tale?” dissects a Canadian television sitcom that depicts a Korean Canadian family, who run a convenience store. The series addresses themes such as family dynamics, generational differences, identity struggles, and cultural adaptation.

“I was so honored when Dr. Campbell reached out to ask me to participate in this important project,” said Gregorian. He was my professor during my doctoral studies and inspired me to lean into the critical and cultural issues of media.”

Drawing on her expertise in media studies, Gregorian analyzes representation in the film industry while weighing the benefits and costs of underscoring stereotypes in plot lines. By examining cast interviews and community discourse, Gregorian prompts readers to navigate the progress made and the challenges that persist.

“I wanted to examine Kim’s Convenience because it is an example of a series that prioritized inclusivity on the screen but experienced problems behind the scenes,” said Gregorian. “The study was not intended to take away from the strides made but instead showcase stereotypes and representation issues that have been woven into the fabric of media for decades.”

Race, Representation, and Satire was published by Lexington Books in December 2023, and hardcover and eBook copies are available online on Amazon and the Barnes & Noble website.