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Digital Design students win best of show among other honors at the 2022 NOLA ADDY Awards

February 18, 2022 1:15 PM
SoPA News Staff
Durand_Floriography Website
Senior Interactive Design student AJ Durand won Best of Show at the 2022 Advertising Club of New Orleans ADDY Awards Ceremony for his entry titled, "The Lady Mary Wortley Montagu’s Floriography Emporium Website." (Image provided)


Tulane University School of Professional Advancement’s (SoPA) Digital Design students received 32 awards in recognition of their design work. The award-winning group earned a combination of gold, silver and bronze awards in addition to winning overall Best of Show and a Special Judges Award. Twenty-four of the 32 winning entries will advance to the district competition.


“The quality of work our students continue to create is stunning—it just gets better and better every year.”

— Amanda Garcia, Media+Design Program Director

The 2022 Advertising Club of New Orleans ADDY Awards Ceremony was held on Friday, Feb. 11 at Music Box Village.

“The quality of work our students continue to create is stunning—it just gets better and better every year! To say we are proud is an understatement,” said Amanda Garcia, director of SoPA’s Media and Design Program. “As we continue to navigate the best ways to deliver an unmatched educational experience during the pandemic, it is encouraging to see our students’ resilience and adaptiveness inspire us all.”

Gold and silver ADDY Award entries from the local Ad Club of New Orleans ADDY Awards Ceremony will advance to the 5-state district competition, including entries from Alabama, Mississippi, Georgia, Tennessee and southern Louisiana. Gold and silver ADDY winners from that competition will advance to the National American Advertising Competition.  

“I feel like I have proven to myself that I can be an impactful member of the Tulane design community. It can be intimidating to be around such talented fellow students—but my experience in the SoPA Digital Design program has been filled with support and encouragement,” said Anna Levy, a graduating senior who won a Special Judges Award and Gold ADDY Award. “These awards validate my own strength as a designer and illustrator.”

Taking home the night’s most coveted award, Best of Show, was senior Interactive Design student AJ Durand.

“The ADDY Awards brought together many people that I’ve only ever met on Zoom and it was awesome to see everyone supporting each other like we are the oldest of friends. It was a nice affirmation of how creative minds can connect in any medium.”

The Ad Club of New Orleans, part of the American Advertising Federation, is the premiere advertising professional development organization in Southeast Louisiana. Thus, participating students and professionals in the New Orleans Ad Club are exposed to the 50,000-member organization of the American Advertising Federation, which is divided into 15 districts. New Orleans is part of District 7.

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Student Award Listings:

  • Best of Show ADDY Award: AJ Durand
  • Special Judges Award: Anna Levy
  • Gold ADDY Awards: Katherine Coneybear, Sarah Wasser, Sam Haidemenos, Mia Bordlee, Anna Levy, Emma Schneider, Marla Bernstein, Sonya Contino, Ashley Roca, AJ Durand, Keagan Krauss (2), Sonya Contino, Emily Kaupp
  • Silver ADDY Awards: Keagan Krauss, Mia Bordlee, Sonya Contino, Elyse Chamorrow, Aj Durand (2), Calder King, Sarah Wasser, Sally Drape, Sarah Wasser
  • Bronze ADDY Awards: Lauren Andress, Rebecca Briscoe, Kathryn Coneybear, Sam Haidemenos, Kathryn Coneybear, Shiloh Latham