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South Balance is a fully imagined international retail company. As an Information Technology student at Tulane, you will be interacting with fictional company “South Balance” throughout your tenure.  In many courses, students will be presented with unique South Balance challenges to help retain and master course learning objectives. Students will also interact with South ¬Balance Executives, played by actors in recurring roles in videos, rich media content and custom graphics.

This company will allow for hands-on, real-world-steeped scenarios, assignments, labs and case studies, and provide a context for course activities without students being required to re-acclimate each time.

In addition to the South balance Inc website, students will have access to the following information and infrastructure for the company:

  • Fully built out South Balance corporate enterprise infrastructure for students to perform labs and case studies on, including:
    • Active Directory
    • User Workstations/endpoints
    • Firewalls
    • Enterprise Mail Server
    • IDS/IPS
    • DNS Server
  • Company Mission Statement
  • Company History
  • Incorporation details (faux)
  • Company Locations/HQ (faux)
  • Products (Sports Team-themed Yoga Mats - faux)
  • Company Org Chart/Total number of employees
  • Profiles of “C-Level” Executives
  • Company Budget
  • IT Budget
  • Network Architecture Chart
  • IT Vendor List
  • Risk Register

As a part of our mission to be strongly academic, while remaining fully applied, this corporate structure allows students to consider conceptual theory including methodologies, approaches, technical and data solutions, compliance, governance, risk management, and cybersecurity posture via interaction and experimentation on a corporate enterprise built out as they might find in industry. This element of realism helps students master concepts from theory to implementation.