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Information Technology Programs Labs at Tulane SoPA

Tulane SoPA Information Technology Programs feature labs in every technical course. These 250+ labs are designed to assist students in taking course academic concepts, and mastering these by conducting “hands-on” exercises that mimic real-world technical actions.

Some examples of course labs are:

  • Implementing NAT and Allowing Remote Access
  • Incident Response Procedures, Forensics, and Forensic Analysis
  • Crafting and Deploying Malware Using a Remote Access Trojan (RAT)
  • Social Engineering Using SET
  • Using Active Directory in the Enterprise
  • Deep Dive in Packet Analysis - Using Wireshark and Network Miner
  • Performing a Denial of Service Attack from the WAN
  • Performing a Denial of Service Attack from the WAN
  • Website Debugging
  • Network Management
  • Business Continuity - Disaster Recovery
  • Log Analysis
  • Securing Data with Encryption on a Linux System
  • Advanced Data Structure Usage
  • Intrusion Detection using Snort
  • Linux Attack and Response
  • SQLi Vulnerability and Pentesting Steps
  • Incident Response
  • Examining PC Hardware
  • Disk Maintenance and Data Recovery
  • Detecting Malware and Unauthorized Devices
  • Investigating a Network Compromise
  • Forensic Analysis of Windows Server

…and many others.

Here, faculty member Dr. Chris Bogen and graduate student Rocky Deckert discuss our labs and how they serve to assist students both from an academic standpoint, and in preparing students for industry.