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Minor in Teaching, Learning, & Training at Tulane SoPA

All citizens of the United States are both consumers and contributors to education. Whether as a taxpayer, a parent, a voter, an elected official, a policy maker, or a volunteer, every citizen has a stake in education in this country. A knowledgeable citizenry is essential to making responsible and wise decisions.

Our society continues to become increasingly diverse. There is a need for understanding, appreciation, and celebration of this diversity. Our service-learning experiences provide authentic and meaningful interactions with diverse children, youth, and adults while studying important educational issues in an academic setting. The Teaching, Learning, and Training Minor reflects the desire for the Teacher Preparation and Certification Program (TPCP) to provide opportunities for all students at Tulane to develop knowledge, skills and dispositions to work with people from a variety of backgrounds.

The Teaching, Learning, and Training Minor will better prepare students for a variety of professional settings including, but not limited to, graduate school, Teach for America, City Year, corporate training divisions, health education, teaching/training abroad, and the Peace Corps.

The minor provides knowledge and experiences for students to become effective in teaching/training/mentoring others in a variety of venues. This includes, but is not limited to, classroom teaching, private/independent/charter schools, medical facilities, businesses, and non-profit and for-profit organizations.

Mission of the Teaching, Learning, and Training Minor

The mission of the Teaching, Learning, and Training Minor is to increase awareness and understanding of critical issues in education and to prepare non-education licensure students to teach, train, and mentor diverse populations in a variety of settings.

Overall Goals for the Teaching, Learning, and Training Minor:

  • to prepare students to be informed citizens with an understanding of the critical issues in education
  • to prepare students to work with diverse populations here and abroad
  • to provide students with the knowledge and skills to successfully pursue education-related careers

Minor Requirements

Certificate Requirements

EDLA 2000 Education in a Diverse Society 3
EDUC 3410 Craft of Teaching 3
EDUC 3100 Theories of Learning (offered beginning summer 2020) 3
EDUC 4100 Critical Trends and Issues in Education (offered beginning spring 2021) 3
  Select two courses: 6
EDLA 3160 Children's & Adlescent Literature  
EDUC 3000 (and EDUC 3890) Emergent Literacy (requires 20 practicum hours for Early Childhood Education interests)  
EDUC 3802 (and EDUC 3895) Secondary Reading Methods (requires 30 practicum hours for Secondary Education interests)  
EDUC 6860 Special Topics: Exploring the Reggio Emilia Approach to Early Childhood Education  
PSYC 3200 Educational Psychology  
PSYC 3200 Child Psychology  
PSYC 3390 Adolescent Psychology  
TESL 3210 Methods for Teaching English as a Second Language  
TESL 3220 Structure of the English Language for Teaching  
TESL 3230 Language & Culture in the Classroom  
TESL 3240 Curriculum Design for the Multicultural Classroom  
POLA 4350 Politics of Education Policy  
SOCI 6330 Sociology of Education  
  other courses approved by Director  
  Total 18