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Global Perspectives / Race & Inclusion Courses

The courses listed below fulfill SoPA Global Perspectives requirement; please consult your program of interest to determine the number of courses to be taken. Check with your advisor for any additional courses that may satisfy this requirement.

Africana Studies

AFRS 2000 Intro to Africana Studies


PAAN 2100 Land of the Pharaohs: An Introduction to Ancient Egypt
PAAN 2110 Ancient Egyptian Religion & Magic
PAAN 2120 Pyramids, Tombs, and Mummies: Death and Burial in Ancient Egypt
PAAN 3150 Culture and Place: Historical Cultural Adaptation to a Tropical Island
PAAN 3190 Pirate Societies
PAAN 3230 Historical Anthropology of Caribbean
ANTH 1020 Cultural Anthropology
ANTH 1030 Languages of the World
ANTH 1040 Ancient Societies
ANTH 2010 World Prehistory
ANTH 2030 Anthropology of Women and Men
ANTH 2340 Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 3010 Hunters and Gatherers
ANTH 3160 Peoples of the Pacific
ANTH 3200 Magic, Witchcraft, and Religion
ANTH 3320 Archaeology of Gender

Asian Studies

ASTA 1800 Intro to Asian Studies


PAHS 2200 History of the British Monarchy
PAHS 3201 Warrior Kings of Medieval England
PAHS 3202 Wars of the Roses
PAHS 3300 French Revolution & Napoleon
HISB 2130 History of Southern Africa
HISB 4250 The Atlantic Slave Trade
HISC 2010 History of China to 1800
HISC 2020 History of China since 1800
HISC 6310 China Revolution 1900-1949
HISL 1710 Intro Latin American History
HISL 1720 Caribbean History
HISM 2210 Modern Middle East 1750 – Present
HISM 2200 History of Islam to 1400
HISM 3220 The Arab-Israeli Conflict

Jewish Studies

JWST 3220 Arab/Israeli Conflict
JWST 3440 Holocaust In Film & Lit


KINE 3220 Global Health
KINE 3500 Cultural Difference in Healing

Latin American Studies

LAST 1010 Intro Latin America
LAST 1020 Latin American Studies II


MUSC 2420 World Music


PHIL 1010 Introduction to Philosophy
PHIL 3500 Buddhism

Political Science

POLS 3011* Arab Spring

Religious Studies

PARL 3270 Religion and Music
PARL 3330 World Religions
PARL 3810 Asian Religions


SOCI 1470 Global Social Change

Theatre and Dance

THEA 3910* Theatrical Arts of Asia

*Note: Course numbers with asterisks are special topics courses. The titles of the ones listed here are Global Perspectives courses, others may not be. When in doubt, consult with your academic advisor.