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5 Ways a Graduate Degree in Liberal Arts Can Help You Succeed as an Aspiring Journalist

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A Master of Liberal Arts degree is an ideal way to break into the ever-evolving field of journalism.

Graduate degrees in liberal arts equip learners with writing, communication, problem-solving, innovative research, and self-expression skills — all of which are central to a successful career in journalism.

This degree can open avenues for developing professional contacts and securing educational and career advancement opportunities.

Earning your Master of Liberal Arts degree from the Tulane School of Professional Advancement (Tulane SoPA) can help you gain multiple skills necessary to be a skilled journalist.

Developing Writing and Communications Skills

There is no doubt that strong writing and communication skills are essential for success in almost all careers, but this skill is especially important for journalists.

A graduate degree in liberal arts will teach you the art of skillful writing and communication.

Some job-ready skills you'll be equipped with after graduation include:

  • News writing
  • Effective communication
  • Editing

By earning your liberal arts degree, you will learn more about the characteristics of effective communication and the contextual issues that impact people’s ability to communicate.

These vital communication skills will influence how you conduct interviews and interact with potential sources.

Gaining Knowledge in a Variety of Fields

In addition to equipping you with impressive writing and communication skills, a graduate degree in liberal arts will educate you in a variety of other fields.

Part of being a good journalist is having an understanding of history and how past and present events shape the world we live in.

A Master of Liberal Arts program includes a wide range of subjects, including:

  • Political science
  • Economics
  • History
  • Psychology, and
  • Philosophy

With this knowledge base, you can develop a more well-rounded approach to your writing and draw upon multiple perspectives. Being exposed to different disciplines helps inform your reporting by allowing you to make connections between different topics and ideas.

Additionally, having an understanding of the complexities of different cultures and societies gives you the ability to form your own opinions on current events while providing readers with more expansive insight into news stories.

Building a Network of Contacts

Building a professional network is an essential part of being a journalist.

While earning your graduate degree in liberal arts from Tulane SoPA, you’ll be taught by experienced journalists who can help guide you toward career success and, after graduation, become a vital contact.

You will also be introduced to other like-minded individuals in your classes looking to make their stamp on the journalism industry. Your fellow students will be your first professional contacts upon graduating — helping you to navigate the job market and find leads for stories.

Other benefits of building a professional network while earning your graduate degree include:

  • Sharing knowledge and ideas with peers and seasoned professionals
  • Access to competitive education, training, and employment opportunities
  • Finding the right sources for specific news
  • Opportunities to learn from industry leaders

Enhancing Critical Thinking Skills

Critical thinking skills are essential for aspiring journalists, as being able to ask the right questions and draw insightful conclusions from various angles are key components of successful investigative reporting.

Graduate degrees in liberal arts can equip you with the skills to think critically about different topics, as the degree covers a broad range of humanities and social sciences.

This wide-ranging curriculum helps to broaden your perspectives and encourages you to think outside of the box when approaching new stories or ideas.

These types of degrees also tend to require high-level research papers that not only challenge you to analyze data but also force you to be creative when presenting your findings.

As such, having an advanced liberal arts degree enables you to have an understanding of world events with an objective outlook which can help make you a better, more hirable journalist.

Improving Career Prospects

According to an employment projections report conducted by the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, earning a graduate degree can increase your earning potential and give you upward mobility in your career.

Earning your Master of Liberal Arts degree increases your employability, as you’ll develop effective communication, creative thinking, and critical reasoning skills — all of which are heavily sought out in newsrooms across the globe.

Graduate degrees can also help you be a fit for a broader range of options than those with only a bachelor's degree.

A graduate degree in liberal arts makes you a prime candidate for positions such as:

  • Content manager
  • Social media manager
  • Data research analyst
  • Newsroom editor
  • Media relations manager, and
  • Copy chief

A Master of Liberal arts degree also puts you on track to earn a doctorate — opening opportunities for you in professional academia and senior-level roles at advertising agencies, newspapers, and research institutions.

Learn More About the Graduate Degrees at Tulane SoPA

As how, where, and the frequency at which people across borders receive the news continues to evolve, the need for thoughtful, courageous journalists continues to rise.

In-depth journalism is the backbone of democracy and the people's weapon against the often heavy hand of power.

Are you ready for a rewarding career full of adventure?

The interdisciplinary Master of Liberal Arts degree at Tulane SoPA can prepare you to be a hard-nosed reporter equipped to chase down stories that affect the lives of everyday people.

Build your network and learn from industry professionals whose coursework is grounded in real-world scenarios.

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