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A Message from Dean Suri Duitch

Welcome to the School of Professional Advancement at Tulane University. During an incredibly challenging time, Tulane SoPA is here for you, with up-to-date and relevant curricula; expert, supportive faculty who offer you their experience and networks; ambitious and intelligent peers; highly responsive academic and career counseling; and the career-changing power of degrees and certificates with the Tulane name.

We continue to build on Tulane’s long history of educating working adults with excellent academic programs that reflect evolving technologies and practices from the field.

In addition to all of this, our school and its mission and values are in part shaped by the history and culture of New Orleans and our geographic location at the mouth of the Mississippi River Delta. New Orleans’ challenges are the challenges of the 21st century; successfully addressing demands for addressing racial equity, building economic vibrancy in a globalizing world, and managing and adapting to climate change. Coming to SoPA is one way to benefit from the expertise, experiences and events of this special place.

We look forward to your becoming a lifelong member of this community!


Suri Duitch