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Emily Vokes Faculty Service Award

The Emily Vokes Faculty Service Award recognizes lifetime service to the School of Professional Advancement in many avenues, including teaching, advising, administration, advocacy, and leadership. The award is named for Dr. Emily Vokes, emeritus professor of geology. Dr. Vokes served University College/School of Continuing Studies/School of Professional Advancement in many roles over many years, and she pioneered the teaching of Saturday classes.

2020 Award Recipient

Kay McLennan (BSLS – Online)

“I was skeptical about taking an online economics course because economics is my worst subject and I was wary of discussion boards (in my previous experience, they have usually been a waste of time). However, Dr. McLennan set up the course extremely well and I have actually taken away a lot from this class (very surprising because my career is not related to economics at all!). …I thought the discussion board was one of the best parts of the class. It was a great place to apply my knowledge to real-world events. I also got to learn from other students about how they applied economics, which really expanded my perspectives…I even catch myself applying some of the economics concepts in my day-to-day interactions--something that I'd never thought I'd be able to do!”

BSEC 1000 Economics for Non-Majors

Past Award Recipients:

2019    Rebecca Carr
2018    Terrence Fitzmorris
2017    Chastian "Choose" Taurman III
2016    Richard Marksbury
2015    Ronna Burger
2014    Mark Maneval
2013    Dennis Kehoe
2012    Joni Johnson
2011    Morris Kalka
2010    Yvette Jones
2009    Judith Maxwell
2007    Terry Christenson
2006    Lance Green
2004    Michael Kane
2003    Joel Devine
2002    William Cahill
2001    Nicholas Genovese, Jr.
2000    Edward Morse