Rebecca Latham

Rebecca Latham

School of Professional Advancement

Director of School Support and Improvement, NOLA-PS


Rebecca Latham, M.Ed., is Director of School Support and Improvement at NOLA-PS.  Prior to joining NOLA-PS she served as the Louisiana State Director of Special Education Policy. Rebecca is an educational diagnostician and co-founder of Speducation Evaluation Services. She was born in Wisconsin, and came to Louisiana to study at Louisiana State University.  Ms. Latham attended graduate school at Southeastern Louisiana University, and worked as both a regular and special education teacher for 5 years in New Orleans before moving to Raleigh, North Carolina.  While in North Carolina she worked on the Wake County Public School System’s Special Education Legal and Policy team. She returned to New Orleans in 2012 to work as the Director of Student Support Services for a New Orleans Charter School.  Ms. Latham has experience working with students ages four to twenty-two in both charter schools and traditional school districts.  She has also served as evaluator, teacher and parent in these educational settings.

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