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Temporary Grading Policy for Graduate Students

In line with temporary adjustments to Tulane’s undergraduate grading policy, we are also introducing a temporary new option for graduate students: P (Pass)/ U (Unsatisfactory). For students who choose this option, the student will receive P for work at the B- level or better, and U for work at the C+ level or below. A student electing this option earns full academic credit for the course with P, but not if they receive a U. The grades for such courses will not be included into the GPA whether it is P or U. In cases in which a course must be passed with a letter grade of B- or better to satisfy SoPA graduate-level academic progress requirements, a P in the course will satisfy the requirement.

There is no cap on the number of courses and credit hours that can be taken P/U during this spring semester and applied to degree requirements. Graduate students may choose the P/U grading option for any course.

Students are also free to continue taking any or all of their courses for letter grades. If no further action is taken, they will receive the grading type they have currently designated.

The deadline for changing grading options will be May 11, 2020 for graduating students, and May 21, 2020 for non-graduating students.

Faculty will not be informed about which students have selected P/U and will report a letter grade for all students, which will be replaced on the transcript by P/U for those students selecting this scheme. Students cannot change this transcripted designation after the deadline, but upon request the Registrar will certify the corresponding letter grade if necessary.