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Designated Writing Courses

Upon completing the mandatory first-year writing course ENGL 1010, SoPA students must also complete at least one upper-level writing course. These include intensive writing courses such as ENLS/CSEN 2630 (Expository Writing) and ENLS 3650 (Persuasive Writing) and writing courses offered within a specific discipline, such as CSEN 3310 (Business Report Writing).

In addition to intensive writing courses, SoPA offers additional opportunities for sharpening writing skills in several disciplines where instructors have incorporated additional writing activities and instruction into the curriculum. You may satisfy the writing requirement by completing one of these designated writing courses, taught by faculty who build additional writing activities into their existing course that is normally an elective or a required course. You may check for writing intensive courses that satisfy this requirement by searching for “School CS Writing Req.” in the course planner.

Designated Writing Courses for Spring 2017

BSMT 2250-91
CPST 1400-10
CPST 3050-81
HMLS 3150-01
HMLS 3250-10
ENLS 2030-05