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Trust the Process is a podcast where we explore the creative paths that led us to where we are today. Brought to you by Tulane University's School of Professional Advancement Media + Design Program.


Greg KataGREG KATA / 06-21-2021
Greg Kata, AKA @gregisms on TikTok has over a million followers and counting! Hear Greg’s story from the Vegas stage to Tulane graduate school and everything in between. This episode titled “Permission to Play” explores Greg’s can-do attitude and openness to wherever life takes him.

AJ DurandAJ DURAND / 05-17-2021
AJ Durand discusses their journey from a small town upbringing to a big city creative guru. This episode titled "Just Start" explores AJ's philosophy on changing careers, taking chances and being brave as they dive into the unknown. A google search while working in Alaska landed AJ at Tulane SoPA Media + Design.

Keah MoffettKEAH MOFFETT / 05-02-2021
In our first episode, we speak with Keah Moffett about her creative journey and how she found her authentic self as she navigated her undergraduate work at an HBCU and found her way to Tulane SoPA. Honoring her voice and vision, Keah uses her experiences as a catalyst for creating powerful and culturally relevant work.

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The Host
Trust the Process is hosted by Amanda Garcia, Ph.D. Amanda (she/her) is the director of SoPA’s Media + Design programs which include Graphic Design, Interactive UX/UI Design, Public Relations, Advertising and Digital Media Marketing. Learn more about Amanda here.

The Studio
Trust the Process is recorded at Sunnyside Up Studios at Tulane SoPA’s Elmwood campus. Part AV studio and part podcast suite, Sunnyside Up is place where students, faculty and community advocates can create audio visual experiences to inform and inspire.

Amanda Garcia
Trust the Process is produced and edited by William Parish of Sweet Clover Studios.
Sweet Clover Studios