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Online Learning: The Tulane SoPA Advantage

Online Learning: The Tulane SoPA Advantage

Online classes and degree programs have become the new normal for many students in the last decade. These virtual classrooms allow you to generally learn when, where, and how you want, making your education goals more attainable, especially when balancing them with both a professional and personal life. 

Reach Your Professional Goals With Our Online Programs

Going back to school looks different for everyone—maybe you want to enhance your skills with a professional certificate or graduate program. Perhaps you only need a few more credits to earn your bachelor’s degree. Or, maybe you’re ready to switch industries and get bachelor’s degree number two (or three!). 

Whatever your goals are, we want to make them achievable at Tulane School of Professional Advancement. You don’t have to make the choice between your career and your education; our flexible online programs and courses let you do both. 

We have a total of 320 courses that have all been developed to be taught online. Since 2019, our faculty has attended at least 37 courses to help enhance online instruction. While not all of our programs are 100% online, those that aren’t are still available through a flexible combination of on-campus and online learning. You also have complete control of your online education at SoPA—our online coursework is mostly asynchronous, meaning you can access your lecture notes, learning materials, and assignments at any time throughout the course. 

We currently offer eight master’s programs, nine graduate certificates, and four post-baccalaureate certificates 100% online.  

Connect Your Previous Work and Life Experience to the Classroom

The core mission of Tulane SoPA is to provide flexible educational opportunities for working adults. This connects to our original founding in 1886; we were created as a branch of Tulane University to provide courses to teachers and nontraditional learners. We’ve grown and greatly expanded since then, but our commitment to making education more accessible for working adults remains. 

Virtual learning helps give students from all stages in life the flexibility to return to the classroom. We recognize that experience outside of the classroom can be just as valuable, if not more, than inside. That’s why we offer students the chance to earn academic credits for work experience, community service, and military training. 

Students who have graduated from training academies for police officers, firefighters, and paramedics can earn up to 12 elective credits. Our Portfolio Assessment Credit program offers up to 24 credits for undergraduate studies and six credits for graduate studies based on prior work and life experiences. Students can also earn credits through the College Level Examination Program (CLEP), DANTES Subject Standardized Tests (DSST), and language proficiency exams. On average, our undergraduate students earn a total of nine credits.

Earning credits before even setting foot (or logging into) the classroom can help you complete your degree faster—save both time and money with your hard-earned life and work experience! 

Take Advantage of Increased Educational Opportunities

In the last academic year, 1,306 students completed 10,816 hours of online coursework at Tulane SoPA. Breaking away from the brick-and-mortar classroom setting can help create more opportunities for nontraditional students to go back to school. Common barriers that often get in the way of pursuing a degree or certification—such as cost, travel time, job schedules, and family life—are much more navigable when enrolled in an online program. This is likely why 94% of online students say online education has, or will have, a positive return on investment, and 95% would recommend online education to others. 

Ready to see if online learning is right for you? At Tulane School of Professional Advancement, we equip you with the resources and support to help navigate our online courses. Take the first step toward your professional goals by requesting more information about our online programs.