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Online Graduate Degree Programs


Earning a master’s degree can unlock new opportunities for career advancement and increased pay. But for working adults, the decision to go back to school includes many other factors—from family obligations and a busy work schedule to the stress of not wanting to be the oldest one in the classroom or the challenges of finding the right program.

Online graduate degree programs offer added flexibility and many benefits that make these challenges worth the payoff. In fact, a study from the Online Learning Consortium found that 28 percent of higher education students in the U.S. are enrolled in at least one online course. Moreover, the National Center for Education Statistics estimates that of the 5.75 million students enrolled in distance learning classes, graduate students are more likely to study exclusively online, with 22 percent of master’s degree earners taking only online classes.

The Benefits of Online Graduate Programs

With advancing technology in and out of the classroom, online degree programs are likely here to stay. But are the benefits worth it? A randomized study conducted by Princeton University in 2012 measured the learning outcomes of students at six public universities to see how online learning measured up to traditional classroom education. The trials showed that learning outcomes were essentially the same in terms of pass rates, exam scores, and standardized assessments. While each student should assess individually if an online education is the right choice, here are 10 additional benefits to consider:

  1. No need to relocate for a program.
  2. You can customize your learning environment to fit your preferences for where, when, and how you study.
  3. Courses can be completed without leaving your current job.
  4. Course material is always available online, offering added flexibility for study time.
  5. You can learn with students from across the country (or even globe), creating a diverse network of perspectives.
  6. All course documents, training materials, and transcripts are archived online for easy retrieval at any time.
  7. The platforms for online learning offer an added benefit of increased technical skills like creating and sharing documents, using online chatting and video conferencing, and adding audio or video elements to assignments.
  8. Online discussion forums can enhance communication between students and encourage introverted students to participate more actively in discussions.
  9. Multimedia tools can improve memory and knowledge retention.
  10. No additional costs for commuting or parking.

Choosing the Right Program

All of these benefits are reliant on the most important factor for anyone deciding to go back to school: finding a worthwhile, career-focused program. When searching for the right program, the first thing to consider is the reputation of the school. Not all online programs are created equal, and a school that only offers online programs or has only been around for a few years might not have the resources, tenured professors, or academic standards of a well-known institution. At Tulane School of Professional Advancement, students earn a degree from a prestigious, world-renowned liberal arts university.

Tulane University was ranked #24 for top colleges in the South by Forbes Magazine, and U.S. News & World Report ranked the university #40 nationally. As a designated Military Friendly® School, Tulane was also ranked #15 nationally for best colleges for veterans. Dating back to 1886, the Tulane School of Professional Advancement has a proven history of helping adult students gain career-focused knowledge.

Students at the School of Professional Advancement can complete master’s programs in as little as 12 months by completing 30 credit hours. The school offers three master’s degree programs available completely online for the Spring 2018 semester.

If you think you might be a good fit for graduate studies at Tulane School of Professional Advancement, request more information online.