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SoPA and Tulane University are excited to announce the transition back to campus for the fall semester. While we encourage students to continue to meet with advisors, faculty and staff remotely, our offices will be open for limited in-person visits. Beginning Monday August 3, Elmwood offices are open 8:30A.M.– 5:00P.M. Gibson Hall offices will remain closed as Tulane renovates new space for SoPA on the Uptown campus. All faculty and staff are working and available.

Please continue to check your Tulane email, Canvas, the SoPA COVID-19 FAQ, and the Tulane Return to Campus page for updates.

COVID-19 FAQ for the School of Professional Advancement

SoPA is here to support students and faculty during this emergency. Below is information specific to Tulane’s schedule for the rest of the semester and to accessing classes and services at SoPA. Please refer to Tulane’s Emergency Management page for general updates.

Please continue to check your Tulane email, Canvas, and the SoPA website for updates.

This page will be updated as more information becomes available.

Updated July 23, 2020, 2:30 P.M.

When are classes in session?

Fall 2020 classes start Wednesday, August 19 on-campus and online teaching. Here is a link to the SoPA academic calendar for additional information.

How will fall 2020 classes be graded?

Tulane SoPA classes will follow regular grading policies, which may be found here.

When are the SoPA offices open?

Beginning Monday, August 3, the Elmwood offices will be open from 8:30A.M.– 5:00P.M., Monday–Friday.

Beginning Wednesday, August 19, the Elmwood campus will be open Monday–Thursday from 8:30A.M.–9:00P.M. and Friday from 8:30A.M.–6:00P.M.

Gibson Hall will remain closed and SoPA offices will be entirely based at the Elmwood campus through February 2021. Tulane is renovating a beautiful new space for SoPA in Richardson Hall on the Uptown campus and preparing our current Gibson Hall suite for future residents.

All faculty and staff continue to work and be available via Zoom; we encourage students to take advantage of remote appointments.

How should I handle forms that require a signature, including major declarations, withdrawals, and application for degree?

If you are unable to sign and scan your form, please type "/s/" followed by your name in the signature field and email it from your Tulane email to your Academic Advisor. If you do not know who your Academic Advisor is, please contact Assistant Dean Vanessa Rodriguez. SoPA forms can be found here.

What if I am at the Uptown campus and need to drop off a hard copy of a form?

You may drop off forms and other mail at Mail Services in Warren Hall to be sent through intercampus mail to the Elmwood campus. You may also sign and scan your form and send it to your academic advisor, as indicated above.

What if I need to print on the Uptown campus?

We are working on a solution so students and faculty on the Uptown campus can print. We will update this information soon.

How can I access the shuttle between Uptown and Elmwood?

Beginning Wednesday, August 19, students will be able to schedule shuttle service between Uptown and Elmwood using the RIDES request. We will continue to update this section as Tulane Transportation provides additional information.

How can I meet with my academic advisor, a program director, or SoPA’s career advisor?

Advisors and program directors are available for appointments through Zoom video-conference and by phone. SoPA students may make appointments with academic advisors and our career advisor through our online system. The advisor will send you a Zoom link. You may email program directors to request appointments. Beginning Monday August 3, advisors, faculty, and staff will be available for limited in-person meetings, although we encourage all students to continue scheduling remote meetings via Zoom when possible.

What is the best way to use Zoom if I haven’t used it before?

You must have access to a computer or phone with good internet access.  Depending on your location when you are “in class” on Zoom, you may want headphones with a microphone. Zoom has apps for both the phone and for tablets that work well, though you’ll be better able to see class materials on a computer. Your professors will send you the links to your Zoom classrooms directly.

I have never attended a class online. How do I do it?

Your instructor will send you a link to your virtual classroom, which is in Zoom. You can access Zoom on your computer or using the mobile app on your phone or tablet. You can download the Zoom application to your computer by visiting this link. The mobile app can be found for free in the app store on your phone or tablet. You can log in to Canvas here or find the Canvas Student app for your phone or tablet in the app store. For more detailed information about how to use the technology, Tulane has created a guide for you to “Learn Anywhere” using Zoom, Canvas, and other technologies.

I’m taking at least one class 100% online. What do I need to know?


  • Holds: All remote learners have holds placed on their accounts. The holds will remain in place until September 5, 2020. Should a student need to make any schedule changes, the hold can be temporarily removed. It will be placed back on once the schedule change has been made.
  • Schedule changes: Should a student wish to change his/her schedule, the hold will be temporarily removed so that the student can make an necessary changes. However, starting August 10, remote learning will not be allowed to add in-person classes. Only online classes may be permitted to be added.
  • Reversals: If a remote learner has changed their plans and will be coming to campus, they MUST contact Catherine Tyner so that they are updated in the system. A student who is not coded as a remote learner is expected to attend all in-person campus as an on-campus student (coming to their classes in adherence with the class attendance policy). Again, Any student who applied for remote learner status who has since changed their mind and plans to attend in-person must notify Catherine Tyner about this immediately!

Please contact your Academic Advisor should you have any questions.