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Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Small Business Development

A Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Small Business Development is an ideal way for students who have already earned their bachelor’s degree to learn more about basic small business development principles.  Students who are considering a career shift to marketing from a different discipline are good candidates for this certificate.

Certificate Requirements

BSAC 1110 Elementary Accounting I 3
  Select one course: 3
BSMT 2310 Principles of Management  
BSMT 3340 Managing Organizational Behavior  
BSMT 3700 Global Business  
  Select one course: 3
BSBL 3400 Legal Aspects of Business  
BSBL 3450 Commercial Law (fulfills the CPA commercial law course requirement)  
BSMT 3650 Developing a Small Business 3
BSMT 2250 Business Communication 3
BSMK 3200 Intro to Marketing Principles 3
BSMT 2750 Introduction to Franchising or BSMT 3250 Business Statistics 3
BSMT 3750 Business Internship (taken in last year) 3
  Total 24