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Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Integrated Application Development

The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Integrated Application Development is available to students who have already earned a bachelor's degree. The certificate program is designed to give the student the knowledge and skills needed move into a career in technology through a challenging academic program of study in Information Systems and Information Technology. The program emphasizes knowledge and skills needed to develop effective application solutions that integrate both front-end processing and back-end database processing.

Note: SoPA also offers Post-Baccalaureate Certificates in Business Systems Analysis, Information Technology and Cybersecurity. Each requires the 6 core courses from the Applied Computing undergraduate program plus six additional concentration courses. Students seeking to earn multiple certificates (or who have earned a B.S. in Applied Computing and seek to earn a certificate in another concentration area) may not use a single course to satisfy the requirements of more than one degree or concentration.

Certificate Requirements

CPST 1200 Fundamentals of Information Systems and Information Technology 3
CPST 2200 Problem Analysis and Programming Principles I 3
CPST 2300 Database Fundamentals 3
CPST 3600 IT Hardware and Software Fundamentals 3
CPST 3700 Networking Fundamentals 3
CPST 3900 Fundamentals of Information Security and Assurance 3

Concentration Requirements

  Select one course: 3
CPST 3200 O-O Programming with Java  
CPST 3230 Programming in C++  
CPST 3400 Website Development with XML/XHTML  
CPST 3410 Website Development with JavaScript  
CPST 3430 Website Development with ASP  
CPST 3310 Relational Database Design and Development 3
CPST 3250 Human-Computer Interaction 3
CPST 3550 Systems Analysis and Design 3
CPST 4250 Integrated Application Development 3
  One CPST Elective (2000 level or above) 3
  Total 36