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Undergraduate Degree Requirements

Students must submit an application for degree/certificate early in the semester in which they plan to graduate. This application must be completed with the student’s academic advisor. Applications for degree conferral are now online and will appear in a student's Gibson account when available.

When students apply for a degree, their work is evaluated by the criteria in place at the start of their work towards that degree. As SoPA responds to changes in the field, the school adapts curricula. If you are concerned that a change in a curriculum will affect your degree requirements, or if you would like to take advantage of such changes, contact your advisor.

Bachelor's Degree

To receive a first baccalaureate degree from SoPA students must have a minimum of 120 credits of passing work.

Students must have a cumulative 2.0 (C) grade point average to graduate. They must also have a minimum 2.0 grade point average in their major. For SoPA majors, at least 60 credits must be earned in courses at the 200 level or higher.

No more than half the credits used toward satisfying graduation requirements may be in the major. Students may take no more than 70 credits each of humanities, science, and social science. This includes credits in the major. Undergraduate students may not enroll in 700-level courses.

Students may not submit toward graduation requirements more than 6 credits of electives earned in courses with designations such as Independent Study, Special Projects, Directed Study, and Practicum. Students who must exceed this limit are required to petition the dean’s office.

Writing Requirement

English 1010, a 4-credit intensive writing course, is Tulane’s writing requirement. In addition to English 1010, students majoring in SoPA disciplines must also complete 3 credits in intensive writing.

Consult your academic advisor before registering for an intensive writing course. Students who need to review basic English skills before enrolling in English 1010 may wish to take CSEN 1000 for elective credit. English 1000 does not count toward the completion of the writing requirement.

Quantitative Reasoning Requirement

Students working toward a bachelor’s of science degree are required to demonstrate proficiency in 6-8 credits of quantitative reasoning by passing any mathematics course; CPST 1070, Philosophy 1060 or 1210, or BSMT 3250.

Foreign Language Requirement

Students pursuing any bachelor’s degree offered by SoPA are required to demonstrate proficiency in a foreign language. Proficiency is demonstrated through successful completion of the second level in any foreign language or two courses in Perspectives Outside the European Tradition/Comparative Cultures and International Perspectives (Non-Western). Students may also take one language course and one non-Western course. See the website for course availability.

Supporting Requirement

Students majoring in SoPA disciplines are required to complete one course in oral communications.

Distribution Requirement

Students majoring in SoPA disciplines are required to complete 12 credits each of humanities/fine arts, sciences, and social sciences. In each distribution area, courses must be chosen from at least two different disciplines.

Courses taken to satisfy proficiency and supporting requirements may not be used to fulfill distribution requirements for SoPA majors. For majors in the liberal arts and sciences, courses taken to satisfy proficiency requirements may not be used for distribution requirements.

Major Requirements

Undergraduate students have the opportunity to select a single area of study in which to gain deeper knowledge and mastery of a subject. SoPA undergraduate students must declare a major prior to earing 90 credit hours. This will require completion of the SoPA Major Declaration Form, which must have approval (i.e. a signature) from a SoPA academic advisor. Degree-seeking students who have completed 90 credit hours and have not declared a major will have a hold placed on future course registrations.

At any point, students may change their majors. However, students who change their majors should understand that previously completed coursework may not apply to the newly selected major, and that additional coursework may be necessary to meet the major requirements.

SoPA undergraduate majors require between 30 and 42 credits.

Residence Requirement

At least 60 credits of a student’s bachelor’s degree program must be completed at Tulane University, with the final 30 taken while enrolled in SoPA.

For a certificate, major, or minor, at least one-half of the credits required in the area of concentration must be completed while enrolled in SoPA.