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Teaching English Learners Add-On Endorsement

Tulane's Teaching English Learners add-on endorsement provides in-service and pre-service teachers the content and skills needed to become qualified to teach English as a Second Language, both in the United States and overseas. Teachers with the TEL add-on endorsement may also go on to become an ESL Success Coach, ESOL Lead, ESL Manager, School Support Coordinator for English Language Learners, or an ESL Specialist.

In order to be eligible for the TEL add-on licensure, teachers must already be licensed to teach in the state of Louisiana. Teachers who are not licensed may take the courses and be granted the endorsement from Tulane, but will not be eligible for the TEL license.


Teaching English Learners Courses Offered

Through our Teaching English Learners add-on endorsement, teachers grow their practice and skills and expand their career options. The endorsement includes the courses needed to earn add-on licensure in English as a Second Language in Louisiana. Our program is designed to:

  • Provide teachers with in-depth knowledge and skills needed to meet the needs of diverse learners.
  • Provide teachers with additional opportunities to advance their learning and expand their career options within the high-demand and high-need area of teaching English learners.
  • Create a flexible, rigorous teaching English as a second language talent pipeline that helps to address the shortage of teachers with training in working with English learners at the local, regional, national, and international levels.



Our Rationale

K-12 schools continue to welcome students who speak a primary language other than English, making the demand for TEL teachers stronger than ever. In Louisiana, the number of English learners enrolled in public elementary and secondary schools increased from 10,293 in 2000 to 25,060 in 2017. Simultaneously, the number of English learners as a percent of total enrollment of students increased from 1.4 to 3.6 during the same time period.* For Tulane students who are enrolled in the add-on endorsement path of the education program, these courses offer the opportunity to earn an initial teaching license concurrently with the TEL endorsement. For Tulane students on a non-certification education track, it expands the available course offerings to better prepare them for a range of careers within the education sector. The course series also offers practicing teachers an opportunity to grow their pedagogical practices and advance their careers.


Teaching English Learners Add-On Endorsement

Learn From Leaders in the Classroom

Our Teaching English Learners add-on endorsement is designed for teachers by teachers and experts in the field. Our TEL Advisory Board includes representation from a broad spectrum of English language learning experts and stakeholders: teachers, parents, advocates, nonprofit-support organizations, and those working in English language learners policy. This team of passionate experts is helping us craft a relevant, rigorous, high-impact learning experience for teachers which will equip them to meet the needs of all students. Our classes are taught by practitioners with experience working with and for English learners in schools.

Teaching English Learners Endorsement Admission Requirements

To apply for the Teaching English Learners Add-On Endorsement, teachers must have earned a bachelor's degree from a regionally accredited college or university with at least a 2.75 cumulative GPA.

Students should select the undergraduate application form, as we charge tuition for these courses at the undergraduate rate.

Teaching English Learners Requirements

Teaching English Learners Required Courses

TEL 3220 Linguistics for English Language Learning 3
TEL 3230 Intercultural Communication & Language Pedagogy 3
TEL 3240 Inclusive Curriculum & Materials Design for Multicultural Classrooms 3
TEL 3250 Methods for Teaching Multilingual Learners of English 3
  Total 12

Tuition & Fees

We offer a 20% discount to full-time teachers and paraprofessionals, including classroom assistants and assistant teachers. With the discount, all four courses within the TEL endorsement can be completed for $5,030.

Information about SoPA tuition and fees may be found here.


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