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Bachelor of Arts in Digital Design

If you're interested in a lucrative career as a contract, independent, or in-house graphic designer, the Bachelor of Arts in Digital Design at Tulane School of Professional Advancement may be right for you. Students come from a variety of backgrounds, including working professionals and high school graduates who are looking to go back to school and expand their skills in digital design.

Who Should Apply for the Bachelor of Arts in Digital Design

The digital design bachelor's degree program combines the development of traditional graphic design skills with advanced education on cutting-edge techniques and technologies to create effective visual messaging. With a curriculum focused on building a professional portfolio, you'll be prepared to seek employment in the graphic design field immediately upon graduation.

According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, graphic designers make an average annual salary of $52,290. The agency also notes that about 1 in 5 graphic designers are self-employed, making this an ideal career choice for those who value a flexible lifestyle. Additionally, web developers make a median salary of $66,130 annually, while digital animators make $65,300.

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Jobs for Digital Design Graduates

Graduates of the B.A. in Digital Design program are qualified for a range of positions in creative industries and media. Job opportunities exist in specialized design services, publishing, advertising, public relations, and related industries. Potential career paths for the Digital Design graduate include the following:

  • Graphic designer for print or digital products
  • Web designer
  • Advertising project manager
  • Animator
  • Creative director
  • Media director
  • Advertising account executive
  • Illustrator or medical illustrator

During the program, students will complete hands-on courses led by industry professionals with a pulse on the latest advancements in digital design and media arts. To learn more, view the degree requirements below or request more information.


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Degree Requirements

Core Competencies Credits
English 1010 Writing or CSEN 1250 Writing 4
Select one course:
  • Math
  • PHIL 1060 Critical Thinking
  • PHIL 1210 Elementary Symbolic Logic
  • BSMT 3250 Business Statistics (recommended)
  • CPST 1070 Math for Information Technology

Foreign Language or non-Western Culture

Supporting Requirement Credits
Oral Communications – Select one course:
  • SPEC 1400 Intro to Public Speaking
  • SPEC 3110 Small Group Communications
  • THEA 2100 Fundamentals of Acting
  • BSMT 2250 Business Communications
Distribution Requirements (at least two disciplines per category) Credits
Humanities 12
Sciences 12
Social Sciences 12
Writing Requirement Credits
Designated writing course 3-4


Major Requirements

Major Core Courses Credits
MDAR 1020 Intro to Digital Design 3
MDAR 2810 Web Design 3
MDAR 2200 Digital Illustration 3
MDAR 2300 Digital Imaging 3
MDAR 2350 Graphic Design I 3
MDAR 3200 Animation I 3
MDAR 4300 Animation II 3
MDAR 4320 Digital Portfolio 3
Select one course:
  • MDAR 2050 Media and the Law
  • MDAR 2100 Visual Communication
  • MDAR 3350 Graphic Design II

MDAR 5010 Media Arts Practicum

Minor (optional) Credits
Varies according to minor chosen  
General Electives Credits
As needed to total 120 credits  
Total 120