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Student Spotlight - Shae Melancon

Shae Melancon
Louis Berger
Emergency Management Specialist Emergency Management & IH Services

I attended Tulane as an Homeland Security student from 2009-2013. It sounds like a long time, but it flew by and I have to say it was because of the professors. I never dreaded attending class. I always looked forward to learning something new and hearing a good story; that’s the big difference with Tulane’s Professional Advancement program. My professors didn’t just read out of a book they lived it and taught from their experiences. I was given the opportunity to have hands on experiences that really made the book come to life and definitely look great on a resume. Even the FEMA independent study courses that I once hated are my best friend now.  I currently work for Louis Berger as an Emergency Management Specialist on a day to day basis and as the Resource Unit Leader during a state of emergency. At Louis Berger I have the luxury of working from home, at the office, or in the field office it all depends on the contract we are working on at the time.  My favorite part about working at Louis Berger is being able to deploy to disasters at the time of the event in order to restore power with the help of FEMA and the USACE. I have also had the opportunity to attend trainings with FEMA and the USACE in Hawaii and Puerto Rico.