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Health and Wellness Post-Baccalaureate Certificate

The Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Health and Wellness provides an opportunity for students who already have a bachelor’s degree to earn a specialization or emphasis in the area of Health and Wellness. This certificate is ideal for individuals who are seeking a career change or new job opportunities.

Certificate Requirements

Core Requirements Credits
HLWL 1800 Wellness in Contemporary American Society 3
HLWL 2010 Social Aspects of Health 3
HLWL 2220 Mind and Body Health 3
HLWL 2230 Stress Management 3
HLWL 3200 The Human Body 3
Select one course:
  • HLWL 2330 Nutrition and Behavior
  • HLWL 3330 Exercise, Nutrition, and Aging
  • HLWL 3650 Childhood Obesity
Select two courses:
  • HLWL 3220 Global Health
  • HLWL 3500 Cultural Differences in Healing
  • HLWL 4010 Catastrophic Illness and Injuries
  • HLWL 4050 Mass Media and Health
  • HLWL 4200 Mental Health
  • HLWL 4250 Environmental Health
  • HLWL 4600 Wellness Coaching
  • HLWL 4650 Grant Writing
Total 24